Are Magnetic Bracelets Suitable for Sports?

When Charles told me two months ago that he had big success relieving his arthritis pain with a couple of magnetic bracelets I was initially very skeptical. It was not so much about that I doubted that this type of jewellery actually works since my niece already told me it does wonders for her.

My concern was mainly that a magnetic bracelet and similar things would not exactly help me when I want to play golf. In the past are already tried some types of jewellery but those always caused some kind of discomfort or at least made me sweat where I wore the bracelet.

A Neat Leather Magnetic Bracelet

A Neat Leather Magnetic Bracelet

So what I did was that I went on a quest on the Internet to find magnetic bracelets that they can wear comfortably without all those disadvantages.

If you ever try to improve your golf swing you will know what I’m talking about and that any piece of unnecessary jewellery there can be quite a hindrance.

I have to say I was quite lucky in my search for magnetic bracelets since I found some very neat pieces with leather bands. They were also very affordable so I ordered two of them without really thinking much about it.

I have to admit that two weeks or may be a very short time to give you a clear report on whether they work for me so we decided I want to wait a little longer before I make a final judgement about those bracelets. From what I can tell right now it seems there is a slight relief so it seems that the bracelets are working.

I really like the magnetic leather bracelets regardless of their ability to possibly relieve may arthritis pains. Next week I want to get two more, this time two that are made from carbon which is also very light so it won’t be an issue when I play golf.