Getting An Apprenticeship in Sports

Apprenticeships and internships are arguably the best way to get into a desired career field and this is of course also true for a career in sports.


Apprenticeships in Sports: Here Is How You Can Find Them

If you have such a career in mind, like for example a trainer position or as a medical professional in sports medicine, an apprenticeship can help you to get in with those teams or companies you always wanted.

The good thing about this approach is that apprenticeships can even get you into companies and teams when they would normally not even hire.

The reason here is that many companies have less problems with taking an apprentice (since it costs them less money) while they would otherwise be hesitant to hire full time employees.

Since a good majority of apprentices are getting hired at the end of their term, an apprenticeship could well be considered a “trick” or shortcut to get into those teams and companies nevertheless.

How to get an apprenticeship in sports?

In past times it was somewhat more difficult to find apprenticeships in London and elsewhere since the major job websites did not really list many apprenticeship openings. Most of those sites specialize in full time positions.

However, in recent times we have seen increasingly more job search websites that are specializing in internships and apprenticeships.

So if you’re looking for sports apprenticeships and other types of apprenticeships in the United Kingdom I can highly recommend those sites to you. They make it easy to find apprenticeship positions in London and all over the UK.