Fitness and Yoga in London Fields


One could think that finding a good fitness gym in London shouldn’t be a major problem, seeing that we sure don’t have a shortage of gyms here in the British capital.

On the other hand, it is exactly this abundance of fitness gyms and yoga studios that can make the search overwhelming. One reason for this is also that lots of the good, often small and independent gyms have been bought out by our big fitness chains.

Ever since many of the former independent gyms in London are gone I also happen to notice a drop in quality with many of those fitness gyms. When I say “quality” I mean both, the quality and friendliness of the service but also the overall quality of the gyms, in particular their equipment.

So as it happens, even with plenty of gyms to choose from in London, it may well be that money to spend some time to find one of those remaining quality gyms.

What about East London?

What I said above obviously also applies to East London. If you’re looking for a good gym in London Fields I can recommend that you see London Fields Fitness. This gym is one of my favourites especially for their variety of classes and training courses. Fancy Pilates in Hackney? Then you should check them out! One of those gyms where you cannot only go to when you want to lose weight or want to build your muscles, they also have great yoga classes that I can highly recommend to you.

Getting An Apprenticeship in Sports

Apprenticeships and internships are arguably the best way to get into a desired career field and this is of course also true for a career in sports.


Apprenticeships in Sports: Here Is How You Can Find Them

If you have such a career in mind, like for example a trainer position or as a medical professional in sports medicine, an apprenticeship can help you to get in with those teams or companies you always wanted.

The good thing about this approach is that apprenticeships can even get you into companies and teams when they would normally not even hire.

The reason here is that many companies have less problems with taking an apprentice (since it costs them less money) while they would otherwise be hesitant to hire full time employees.

Since a good majority of apprentices are getting hired at the end of their term, an apprenticeship could well be considered a “trick” or shortcut to get into those teams and companies nevertheless.

How to get an apprenticeship in sports?

In past times it was somewhat more difficult to find apprenticeships in London and elsewhere since the major job websites did not really list many apprenticeship openings. Most of those sites specialize in full time positions.

However, in recent times we have seen increasingly more job search websites that are specializing in internships and apprenticeships.

So if you’re looking for sports apprenticeships and other types of apprenticeships in the United Kingdom I can highly recommend those sites to you. They make it easy to find apprenticeship positions in London and all over the UK.

Sports And Education

For some children in the United Kingdom, and of course for their parents too, sports is an equally important part in regards to good education along with classes such as maths, chemistry or foreign languages.

kingshottschoolThere is a good reason for that. By participating in team sports, your child can learn traits such as responsibility and teamwork.

And obviously, participating in sports regularly is also known to be very beneficial for your children’s health.

One issue in the UK is that public schools are not necessarily seeing the benefits of sporty activities. For those schools, an hour or two of sports per week seems to be enough; some schools don’t even have teams where you child could participate in sports such as soccer, cricket or basketball just to name a few.

Private schools are normally much better when sports is important for you and your children. Those schools are understanding the importance to participate in sporty activities and often have their entire school culture built around their sports teams. It is often form those private and independent schools where the most successful young adults will grow up, those who later-on may become successful leaders, not only in sports but in many other areas of life.

The Kingshottschool has a reputation as one of the best prep schools in Hertfordshire for sport. This is the school I recommend since I have my children there and they cannot be happier. If your children love sports and you look for Hertfordshire private schools you should definitely consider this excellent school.