The Fantastic Anniversary of Our Club

Back in August, we had been invited for the 10th anniversary of our son’s soccer club in Devon and it was quite a blast.

For the celebration they did all kinds of stuff, like a great barbecue with by itself is definitely worth mentioning since the ribs were just out of this world.

They also had a pretty good DJ booked for the day but the best part, at least to me, was when the Secret Singers came about early in the evening. I didn’t know about the Singing Waiters in London yet so I was actually one of those few guests at the party who really at first thought that they where part of the wait staff they had for the event.

I realised my naivety as soon as the guys started singing and dancing. They did an awesome show which lasted for about two hours where they played and sang all the latest hits but also some classics like from AC/DC,Sting or the Beatles. The best part was when they pulled some of guests up on stage to do a little singing with them which was about the most hideous thing ever.

I can highly recommend these guys if you want some fun for your next party or whatever event. I’ve been told that you can hire them for all sorts of parties and celebrations but you may want to do that early enough otherwise they may be booked out for months.

Fitness and Yoga in London Fields


One could think that finding a good fitness gym in London shouldn’t be a major problem, seeing that we sure don’t have a shortage of gyms here in the British capital.

On the other hand, it is exactly this abundance of fitness gyms and yoga studios that can make the search overwhelming. One reason for this is also that lots of the good, often small and independent gyms have been bought out by our big fitness chains.

Ever since many of the former independent gyms in London are gone I also happen to notice a drop in quality with many of those fitness gyms. When I say “quality” I mean both, the quality and friendliness of the service but also the overall quality of the gyms, in particular their equipment.

So as it happens, even with plenty of gyms to choose from in London, it may well be that money to spend some time to find one of those remaining quality gyms.

What about East London?

What I said above obviously also applies to East London. If you’re looking for a good gym in London Fields I can recommend that you see London Fields Fitness. This gym is one of my favourites especially for their variety of classes and training courses. Fancy Pilates in Hackney? Then you should check them out! One of those gyms where you cannot only go to when you want to lose weight or want to build your muscles, they also have great yoga classes that I can highly recommend to you.

Real Madrid Eying To Buy Manchester City Keeper Joe Hart

Manchester’s City Keeper Hart, 26, is the new target eyed by the Spanish giants. Rumours are about a potential £25M deal in a move to spice-up the Spaniard’s goalkeeping department.

Joe Hart

Manchester’s Joe Hart Soon Off To Real?

It seems that Real’s Iker Cassilas future is now uncertain. There are more rumours that Cassilas might possibly be offered to city as part of an exchange deal.

The Daily Mail is reporting that the Spaniard’s current #1 Diego Lopez has not convinced boss Carlo Ancelotti he is the long-term successor to Casillas. Diego Lopez is also on the shopping list of AC Milan.

According to the Daily Mail, Cassillas is cited as saying…

“I wanted to play, but I wasn’t playing so I had to work hard and wait for my chance again. It’s tough to say because that’s probably one of the main reasons I’ve not really spoken about it.

The past is the past and we don’t know what lies ahead in the future – so it’s better to live day by day. We are going to get some wonderful opportunities at this club – some I will be playing in, some that I won’t – and I’m just trying to look at things the best I can.”

Some fans are puzzled by these latest rumours and are pointing out that Real should look into their defence department rather than acquiring a new goal keeper.

We will keep you updated on all the news as soon as they come in.