Fitness and Yoga in London Fields


One could think that finding a good fitness gym in London shouldn’t be a major problem, seeing that we sure don’t have a shortage of gyms here in the British capital.

On the other hand, it is exactly this abundance of fitness gyms and yoga studios that can make the search overwhelming. One reason for this is also that lots of the good, often small and independent gyms have been bought out by our big fitness chains.

Ever since many of the former independent gyms in London are gone I also happen to notice a drop in quality with many of those fitness gyms. When I say “quality” I mean both, the quality and friendliness of the service but also the overall quality of the gyms, in particular their equipment.

So as it happens, even with plenty of gyms to choose from in London, it may well be that money to spend some time to find one of those remaining quality gyms.

What about East London?

What I said above obviously also applies to East London. If you’re looking for a good gym in London Fields I can recommend that you see London Fields Fitness. This gym is one of my favourites especially for their variety of classes and training courses. Fancy Pilates in Hackney? Then you should check them out! One of those gyms where you cannot only go to when you want to lose weight or want to build your muscles, they also have great yoga classes that I can highly recommend to you.

More Fun With Golf With Your Own Golf Cart

Some golfers don’t really care about it: They will just rent the first best golf cart they can get hold of to get around the course.  For others,  there won’t be fun playing golf without their very own golf cart. And then there are those enthusiasts where even owning a cart  is not enough, those who may spend a lot of time and money on “modding” their carts, players who would never ever want to get around the greens with a vanilla cart like anyone else.

A Neat Custom Golf Cart

A Neat Custom Golf Cart

I have to admit, golf cart modifications and upgrades can be a great hobby. It can be a lot of fun to get around the course in a cart  that may be a miniature Hummer H2, a Rolls Royce or even a Space Shuttle.

I heard from some of those enthusiasts who are very into golf cart modifications that getting the right golf cart parts for their creations is not exactly easy.

Obviously it’s not a big deal today if you need spares for your EZGO  or Club Car, but once you have a custom golf cart even getting something as simple as a tyre or various other golf cart accessories can become a problem.

I was told that the best way to get those golf cart parts is to search around on related forums and websites where others might share  where they got their parts from. There  you may find  the occasional list of websites and other places where such spare parts for custom golf carts can be ordered.

As for myself, while I can see the joy it could have designing your very own golf cart  I personally keep it simple.  I am pretty happy with my Club Car.  It doesn’t look  extraordinary in any way but it gets the job done for me and I still enjoy my game.

Fire Detection Cameras For Soccer Stadiums

f-cam fire detection camera for sports venuesPretty much any location that can confine a large number of people will require more or less sophisticated safety measures in place, in particular if we are talking about fire safety.

This can apply to all sorts of public locations such as hotels, bars, nightclubs and even more so for large sports venues such as soccer stadiums.

Maybe you remember the Bradford city stadium fire of 1985 which was one of the worst fire disasters in the history of English football. Tragedies such as these make it clear that stadiums are at a particular risk for fires which means that fire detection and prevention measures do play an important role there.

On the other hand, equipping effective fire detection systems in venues such as sports stadiums poses all sorts of practical problems.  It is the sheer size of  these places which makes conventional fire detection systems rather challenging.

With new digital technology that has been developed in recent times, the problem of equipping large sporting venues for maximum fire safety has now become a lot easier.

One of these new technologies that has shown very effective in sports stadiums  everywhere is fire detection via fire detection cameras and digital image processing. Cameras such as the f-cam can oversee a large field of view without the need to be in proximity of a fire or smoke source as is the case with smoke detectors.

Using state-of-the-art image processing technology, the f-cam can instantly detect and alert about flames and smoke. This makes the f-cam ideal for this type of venues.

If you want to learn more about fire detection cameras and how they can help to increase fire safety in sports I recommend that you see the following website for more information.

First Aid Training Courses

It sure can be frightening if you think about that back in the 1960s they thought that all it would take to administer proper first aid would be some miracle spray. In this case, the famous “Unguentine first aid spray”, an antiseptic which is still available today.

While an antiseptic sure is always good to have in any first aid kit, obviously it cannot be an replacement for first aid techniques, not even remotely.

So if you happen to be active in sports, chances are you will have witnessed or maybe experienced by yourself the on or the other injury. Needless to say, you will then maybe have realized that knowing about first aid can be invaluable.

How to go about it if you want to teach yourself or your team in the latest first aid techniques

It is obviously not very practicable if you need to send your entire team to a school or to the Red Cross where they may hold some first aid classes once in a while. Not only is that not really practicable, chances are also that those first aid courses are not well suited for your particular sports. Normally, public schools will offer a more general first aid training.

A good option here is if you get in contact with an organization that can provide first aid training for you. Those people can actually come to your premises and teach your entire team about the right first aid techniques. Moreover, those providers are usually offering several courses which can range from standard first aid for every-day situations to specialized courses for sports injuries.

I recommend that you look into first aid courses if you require qualified health professionals to teach your team in first aid for sports. I had them come to our team and we had a great time while learning invaluable knowledge to treat various sports injuries!

Why You Should Consider A Personal Trainer

why-personal-trainerIf you want to do something for your health and fitness, joining a gym is without question a very good idea. For starters, with a gym membership you will have access to all the latest exercise equipment. Today, most towns, even small ones will have a gym or two and this means that doing something for your health and fitness will be easy and you don’t have to travel a long time to do this.

Then again, simply joining a gym will not give you all the benefits. Chances are you will not know about the best exercise routines if you want to lose weight, strengthen your muscles or would like to know about those special exercises that are for particular areas of your body such as your thighs or butt.

This is why a personal trainer will be invaluable! A personal trainer can help you with the best and most suitable exercise routines. They can let you know about exercises you can do so you can target those problem zones that need particular attention.

The trainer can also teach you the right use of various exercise equipment which is not something most people know as soon as they enter a gym.

The better gyms today will not only provide you access to equipment but will also offer a variety of classes and courses and a number of qualified personal trainers that can help and assist you.

My personal tip: You should always take a close look at what each individual gym can offer you. A good start how to do this can be to check gym’s websites where they usually describe their offers in more detail. Of course you can also call them and ask them about training courses and personal trainers. Just don’t make the mistake and sign up before you even know what the gym can offer you!

If you happen to live in or near Hackney I can recommend that you get a personal trainer in Hackney. A personal trainer is the best thing you can do if you want more for your fitness and health than a standard gym membership can offer you.

Getting An Apprenticeship in Sports

Apprenticeships and internships are arguably the best way to get into a desired career field and this is of course also true for a career in sports.


Apprenticeships in Sports: Here Is How You Can Find Them

If you have such a career in mind, like for example a trainer position or as a medical professional in sports medicine, an apprenticeship can help you to get in with those teams or companies you always wanted.

The good thing about this approach is that apprenticeships can even get you into companies and teams when they would normally not even hire.

The reason here is that many companies have less problems with taking an apprentice (since it costs them less money) while they would otherwise be hesitant to hire full time employees.

Since a good majority of apprentices are getting hired at the end of their term, an apprenticeship could well be considered a “trick” or shortcut to get into those teams and companies nevertheless.

How to get an apprenticeship in sports?

In past times it was somewhat more difficult to find apprenticeships in London and elsewhere since the major job websites did not really list many apprenticeship openings. Most of those sites specialize in full time positions.

However, in recent times we have seen increasingly more job search websites that are specializing in internships and apprenticeships.

So if you’re looking for sports apprenticeships and other types of apprenticeships in the United Kingdom I can highly recommend those sites to you. They make it easy to find apprenticeship positions in London and all over the UK.

Sports And Education

For some children in the United Kingdom, and of course for their parents too, sports is an equally important part in regards to good education along with classes such as maths, chemistry or foreign languages.

kingshottschoolThere is a good reason for that. By participating in team sports, your child can learn traits such as responsibility and teamwork.

And obviously, participating in sports regularly is also known to be very beneficial for your children’s health.

One issue in the UK is that public schools are not necessarily seeing the benefits of sporty activities. For those schools, an hour or two of sports per week seems to be enough; some schools don’t even have teams where you child could participate in sports such as soccer, cricket or basketball just to name a few.

Private schools are normally much better when sports is important for you and your children. Those schools are understanding the importance to participate in sporty activities and often have their entire school culture built around their sports teams. It is often form those private and independent schools where the most successful young adults will grow up, those who later-on may become successful leaders, not only in sports but in many other areas of life.

The Kingshottschool has a reputation as one of the best prep schools in Hertfordshire for sport. This is the school I recommend since I have my children there and they cannot be happier. If your children love sports and you look for Hertfordshire private schools you should definitely consider this excellent school.

Horse Racing Tips For Those in the UK

Andrew just recently told me that he won a bunch of money at the races several months ago although he didn’t want to disclose the exact sum he won. All I know is that he bought a new car (a brand-new Mercedes, I might add) among with other things. So from that point of view didn’t have any real doubt about what he said.

Horse-Racing-UKOf course as you can imagine as soon as he told me he won a bunch of money I asked him about some good tips for horse racing. I mean if he can win at the races I should be able to as well, right?

He told me that he got his horse racing tips at this HorseRacingPro site where this guy claims that was so successful betting all throughout the UK that he was banned by pretty much any bookmakers in the country. So I went over the site which didn’t look that shady to many as compared to some other websites when I was looking up horse racing tips on the Internet.

Andrew told me that I should be patient but he’s pretty confident that I will win as well with this system since it is according to his own words “idiot proof”, besides you will only have to pay anything if you actually win at the tracks.

What I will do is that I will keep you updated about my success at the races in will let you know how much I will win for sure. From what I saw till now this horse betting system looks pretty solid to me so I can see why Andrew one, it makes a lot of sense to me.

Do you like horse racing too? If so, do you have any horse racing tips and strategies?

Real Madrid Eying To Buy Manchester City Keeper Joe Hart

Manchester’s City Keeper Hart, 26, is the new target eyed by the Spanish giants. Rumours are about a potential £25M deal in a move to spice-up the Spaniard’s goalkeeping department.

Joe Hart

Manchester’s Joe Hart Soon Off To Real?

It seems that Real’s Iker Cassilas future is now uncertain. There are more rumours that Cassilas might possibly be offered to city as part of an exchange deal.

The Daily Mail is reporting that the Spaniard’s current #1 Diego Lopez has not convinced boss Carlo Ancelotti he is the long-term successor to Casillas. Diego Lopez is also on the shopping list of AC Milan.

According to the Daily Mail, Cassillas is cited as saying…

“I wanted to play, but I wasn’t playing so I had to work hard and wait for my chance again. It’s tough to say because that’s probably one of the main reasons I’ve not really spoken about it.

The past is the past and we don’t know what lies ahead in the future – so it’s better to live day by day. We are going to get some wonderful opportunities at this club – some I will be playing in, some that I won’t – and I’m just trying to look at things the best I can.”

Some fans are puzzled by these latest rumours and are pointing out that Real should look into their defence department rather than acquiring a new goal keeper.

We will keep you updated on all the news as soon as they come in.